Explainer Videos: Here Are 4 Secrets to Beat Your Competitors


At this age, when you think of promoting your products or services online the first thing you need is a competitive advantage. You must know what to do best to be ahead of your competitors. One way of earning a competitive edge is through developing wooing product explainer videos.

As you might be aware, videos are indisputably an excellent strategy to attract an audience to your web page. In fact, statistics show that a website embedded with a video has longer visitor duration than its counterparts.

Nevertheless, you are not the only person crafting explainer videos for online marketing purposes. Your competitors are also doing the same. But with these secrets, you can be a step ahead of them:

a) Tell a story highlighting the product benefits in an interesting and entertaining way

Entertaining and interest are essential aspects of any video. When you are creating a product explainer video, you must make it interesting and entertaining. One killer mistake many entrepreneurs make is concentrating on talking about the benefits that a consumer will gain from using their products or services. 

While they are important, this is not the right time. The overall goal of the explainer video is to entice the consumer and leave a memorable idea about your organization or product. Telling a story is one way of meeting this objective. As such, your product video should tell a story of the consumer problem and how your product is going to solve it.

Remember to make the story entertaining and interesting to leave a permanent mark in the viewers’ mind.

b) Use a consumer perspective, not your company’s one

The reason you are making an explainer video is to attract customers and make them switch to using your products. As such, you should not use the video to give the history of your company. The consumers want to know how the products or services can help them to solve their problems.

For this reason, your product explainer videos should concentrate on taking the viewers on a journey of self-discovery. This should involve showing how your products can enable them to solve various life and business problems.

Importantly, even though you want to market your products through this video, you should aim at creating a reason for buying them in your audience. It should not be about telling them to buy the products using a selling tone.  

c) Create a memorable aspect in the video

It is natural that you do not remember everything you have ever come across. Even though you may read a 2- or 1000-pages book or watch a 10sec or 3hr video, you cannot recall everything in it after a given period.

However, there is a single aspect or a scene you will always recall forever. This is not your sole issue. It is common for all humans. Therefore, when creating explainer videos, you should always consider this fact. Hence, your videos must incorporate a part that will be memorable to the audience in the long run.

d) Use simple language

Explainer videos are not your opportunity to show your vocabulary or expertise level. It is your chance for explaining how your products solve the audience problem in a concise and straightforward language. 

As such, you should not use jargons or professional terms that are uncommon to the audience. Also, remember the audience does not have the whole day to watch your product explainer videos. Hence, you should only use a language that will enable you to share useful content within a minute or less.   


In a word, your explainer videos can be your competitive advantage or the start of your business losses. However, if you apply the above secrets in your video development stage, you can be one step ahead of your competition.


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