Wankz Vr Vs BaDoink: Which VR Website have the better content?


Virtual reality is taking the porn industry by storm. As a result, there is now more virtual reality sexually explicit content available than ever before. While there are scads of websites which provide VR porno, two stand out above the others. They are WankzVR and Badoink VR which are tops among others. But unlike many others which offer free content, these are paying sites. You can only get bits and pieces of their great virtual reality porn or clips.

Porn tube sites tease people with some of their content via short clips. They let visitors get a taste of what's in store. In order to see the movies in their entirety or to gain complete access to the sites, you have to become a member. The VR porn sites have won awards for their great VR pornography content, user interface, mobile friendliness and a few other elements. Because both adult sites are so great, it is hard to choose between one of them. A side by side comparison can let you know more or less what to expect from these sites.


No one expected WankzVR to become such a force on the virtual reality porn world. That has changed after it won VR Site of the Year award from 2018 XBIZ. Unlike most film companies which are located in the United States, WankzVR primary offices are in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, the site has revolutionized virtual reality pornography by doing several things differently. Not only do they have awesome and original content, they also make their porn more engaging. Since virtual reality is interactive, so are many of the Wankz VR porn videos.

Viewers get to interact with their favorite pornstars via virtual reality. Most of VR adult content is generally created using the Male POV. But WankzVR is one of the first to use the Female POV on many videos. Their smartphone app makes watching their VR porn even easier and better. Their membership begins at about $6.57 a month for those who purchase the entire year package. They also have a 2-day trial special for only $1.99. The latter allows individuals to sample and see if it’s worth it for only two bucks.


Many experts believe that BadoinkVR had a lot to do with making virtual reality porn what it is today. A few years back, the company began giving out free VR goggles to people for free just for joining. They figured once users saw how awesome and different VR porn was from traditional, they would get into it. That proved to be right and has made Badoink VR videos some of the most popular in the world. The renowned adult site has won several awards which prove just how amazing their content is.

They produce many of their VR content using some of the best, hottest and popular pornstars. The site has a wonderful app and their movies work with most VR goggles. The content is available in 3D, 4K, 180 degrees and in binaural sound. BadoinkVR has a yearly package of $7.50 a month. Their one-dollar trial for a full-day access is perfect to sample it all.


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