Creating an Explainer Video

The Best B2B Explainer Videos for Motivation & Inspiration

Coming up with the perfect B2B explainer video is really important! Here are some of the best examples of B2B explainer videos for motivation & inspiration!


Let’s all be honest here – Would you watch a boring B2B video? No, right? We all have been there and we all have done the same – fall asleep or just quit the video.

If you want the viewers to enjoy your video you need to invest effort in it. You can’t expect great results if you don’t work really hard to make a high-quality, interesting, quality, and unique video.


So, what makes a B2B explainer video great?

Making a great B2B explainer video is not easy, but it is not impossible as well. Here is what makes a B2B explainer video great:

  • It engages and resonates with its target group – If you want an effective video, you need to grab the attention of your target group and use their interest to hold on tight.
  • It shares a story or logical sequence – All B2B explainer videos require a structure to work. This structure can be something as emotive as a personal story or something as a series of logical points.
  • It is educational – it teaches the viewer or make them feel something – After watching the video, your target group should think or feel differently. Choose whether you want to be emotional or informative. If you can manage both, that is even a better option.
  • It sounds and looks professional – Yes, the look is not everything, but you can’t expect the viewer to stand for poor quality or bad sound. In the B2B world, you need an expert level of filming and editing, if you want the viewers to perceive you as a professional.
  • It builds trust through authenticity – You need to keep something in mind and that is that B2B relations are all about building trust. The best B2B explainer videos are real and connect with the audience.

Some of the best, inspirational, and impressive examples of B2B explainer videos are Zendesk – I like it when he gives me the business, Slack – So, yeah, we tried slack, Volvo Trucks – The epic split, HubSpot – What is HubSpot, SprintBusiness – Open a new office with SprintBusiness, Risual – Risual corporate video, and Practicus – Another way.

You can find all of these videos on YouTube, make sure to watch them and find your inspiration