Creating an Explainer Video

The Greatest Benefits of Creating an Explainer Video for Your New Mobile App

How to promote your new mobile app? How to inform your customers on how to use your new app? All you need to do is create an explainer video! Read and discover the greatest benefits of explainer videos!


So, you have created a new awesome mobile application and now you are ready to launch and show it to the world. Before you do that, you need to ask yourself – how will your potential users or buyers know how to use your new application.

This is one of the reasons why you need to create an explainer video – to help your potential users find their way into using your new app. Explainer videos are a great way to not only inform your customers on how to use the app but also to promote your product and grab potential buyers attention.

An explainer video includes tips, buttons, and functions on how to use the app, an item or a program effectively without getting confused or stuck.

There are a few benefits that come with creating an explainer video for your new mobile application.

An explainer video specially created for your new mobile app can be used as a helpful tutorial or guide to show your potential customers they way around the application. This is a great way to show your new app in action. The potential users can refer to the video for your app to familiarize themselves with it.


Another great benefit of using explainer videos is the fact they are quite popular and get viral very easily. There are so many video directories online you could use to upload the videos. Some of the best ones are YouTube and Metacafe. Your new mobile app will benefit from the exposure in these directories which may lead to increased traffic, improved sales, and maximized sales.

Explainer videos can be used as guides or tutorials, besides for marketing purposes. You can use the videos to call for action and expose the app more to your target group. The teaser video can be directly linked to social media platforms for increased exposure in the overly competitive marketplace. 

Explainer videos represent your professional work, art, and creativity. Come up with a great idea for an explainer video and present your new mobile app to the world in an original and authentic way!